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10th March 2011


Plastic Bag and Synthesis

1. Why does it end with the line “I wish you had made me so that I could die”?

i think it end with this line because he try to much to find who created him that at then he just want ti desappeare from the world.

2. Why does the plastic bag keep saying that he is “useless” to the animals?

it because animals dont use plastic bag and because there would be NO human and just human use plastic bags.

3. In what ways does this film reflect issues from this class?

it reflect with the role play waiting for godot because he just look and wait to see if he can know who made him also how they are homeless and the bad condition they live.

4. In what ways does it connect to chemistry class?

it connect to chemistry in the way that they create the bad with what element or how it affect in global warming because of the contaminationaround the world andf how we can help or stop producing plastic bag.

 5. In what ways are this class and chemistry class related? What are common themes? in the way how thing work and why they work like that and  what are the effect and affect in earth and humans.

8th March 2011


Is Wal-Mart good for America/ Should it come to NYC?

Why Wal-Mart will be a good for NYC is because it’s a way to help the society and the economy. It makes the economy to go up by selling different kinds of products in lower prices. Also because when some company wants Wal-Mart to sell them things in higher prices, they does not sell those things, so this mean that they want to help the economy to grow up.  A way that Wal-Mart is affect the society of NYC is because it destroy all the small business.

5 examples from the worksheet For High Performing level work, use at least five facts from the articles in the book (33 - 36)


Wal-Mart chief executive, H. Lee Scott Jr. said “I don’t even care if we are in New York because it is so expensive that it don’t worth the effort. I am is unconvinced because is hard to make money in NY.” So, if it is so hard to make money stay where you at. They shouldn’t come to a city that is fine and destroy their companies.

Wal-Mart has 4,000 store in the united states, they have tried to open stores in Queens and Staten Island, but fell because of union, community and political opposition. As you can see New York doesn’t want Wal-Mart, the people don’t want it and that’s because it is not good for the city.

Wal-Mart’s prices are 10 to 30 percent lower than their competitors, but it wages and health benefit leave workers below poverty line and pressure others to reduce pays and benefits. Since Wal-Mart sell almost all its products in a low prices they don’t pay a high wage to workers they don’t give them a good health insurance, would you like to work for Wal-Mart?

According to Mr.Scott NY have people who are better than and that’s why they don’t want it in NY.

In New York  poor neighborhoods are more likely accepting Wal-Mart in their community because of their lower income they need low prices and more jobs. It is true this stores offers a lot of low prices, but what happens with other stores and its workers.

Executives feel that the recession was a great time to enter NY. But Stuart Appelbaum said “The reality remains the same, Wal-Mart should not try to take advantage of the economic situation.”

18th February 2011


Sociological Imagination Project, Part 2: Processing Information

BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY; Toys Now, Computers Tomorrow? this headline is conneted to my life because i dont use toy anymore what i use is computer and because of that im doing this project in class.

Three Cases of Cholera Are  Confirmed by City Officials. this  affect me in the way that if i go to my country i can get that disease and may be die and i dont want that to happen to me.

Sociological Imagination is a private trouble and public issues but it  affect each others. for example biography and history hace connections and individuals had connection with wider society.in this project i connect history to my biography and then my personal life to the word.they have things in common because they affect everyboby and a individual. this project is a example of socialogical imagination because biography and history and personal life social are part of socialogiacal imagination.

17th February 2011


5 world headlines



    April 20, 1994 -   - World - News - 1456 words
  3. Maastricht Journal; Drug Floodgates Open, Inundating the Dutch


    April 20, 1994 -   - World - News - 883 words
  4. Serbian Soldiers Seize Guns Held by U.N., Then Return Most


    April 20, 1994 -   - World - News - 891 words
  5. In the Zulus’ Heartland, Jubilation Over Vote Role


    April 20, 1994 -   - World - News - 794 words
  6. Israel Seizes Hundreds of Arabs Linked to Militant Group


    April 20, 1994 -   - World - News - 638 words

5 US headlines 

  1. Wary of Entrenchment in the Ranks, Colleges Offer Alternatives to Tenure


    April 20, 1994 -   - Education - News - 1198 words
  2. Poor and Black Patients Slighted, Study Says


    April 20, 1994 -   - Health - News - 790 words
  3. House Votes Tough Measures As It Starts Push on Crime Bill


    April 20, 1994 -   - U.S. - News - 719 words
  4. Frank Talk by Clinton To MTV Generation


    April 20, 1994 -   - U.S. - News - 673 words
  5. In School

    By Michael Winerip

    April 20, 1994 -   - U.S. - News - 1000 words

2 article summary summaries

they stolen $17 billions and they need to vote for they life time prision sentence.

industry going to slow donw business of slitting each others’ throats while performance skyrockets

2 headlines related to your native country

  1. Haitians Intercepted At Sea Are Returned

    A Coast Guard cutter intercepted a boat carrying 140 people from Haiti and the Dominican Republic 25 miles east of Miami Beach on Thursday and is taking them back to Port-au-Prince, the State Department said today. Christine…

    April 8, 1995 - World - 158 words
    1. SPORTS PEOPLE: PRO BASKETBALL; St. John’s Lopez Comes Under Focus

    2. …report that last season’s star freshman, FELIPE LOPEZ, played in two nonsanctioned games last week in his native Dominican Republic. Yesterday, The New York Post, citing unidentified sources, said St. John’s officials first learned that…
    3. April 11, 1995 - Sports - 95 words
  • 11th February 2011

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    Homework for Semester 2, outcome #1

    Sosiology means a person who studies how people interact with society, each other, their environment, their history. The difference between social sciences and natural sciences is that in natural science they strory animasl, plants, nature, and others thing that social science dont because they story culture balance and high and meddle classes. (this is from worksheet #2). The difference between sociology and other social sciences .Sociology story how people goverm one another in social context that influence people.Political science which is kind of similar to socialogy,focus on politics or government and how they goverm themselves ( worksheet #3).

    26th January 2011



    Moral Dilemma

    The gilr had to choose between coming to U.S or staying in Honduras.


    When the girl went with casper to help him and left her family in the train. 


     When smaily had to take the desicion of killing his friend because if he dont do it the gang members would kill him anyways.


    16th January 2011


    Homework 1/14/11 !! Due this weekend

    For the Genesis packet:

    What happens in this story? What are the most important events?

    adam and eve had two child cain and abel.cain kill abel because god didnt like cain offering . then god punish 

    cain by no been a good farmer and a homeless man.

    When Cain says it, what does, am I my brother’s keeper means?

    am I my brother’s keeper means that he take care of his brother.

    What do you think the message of the story is?

    if you dont take care of people around you end up lonely.

    Are we responsible for the well being of others? Why/why not?

    i really dont know .

    Radiolab show:

    In a well developed paragraph that has at least three different pieces of evidence 

    from the show, answer the following question: Is helping others selfish or selfless?

    i think helping other i selfles because i heard some storys and people just help other just to do it 

    like lora saw a woman been attack by a bull and she jump a wall that had eletriciric and heat the bull and help the 

    woman she just did it to help .

    2nd December 2010


    Outcome 11 – 13 WHOA: Decide – is “Waiting for Godot” an existentialist or an absurdist play? Please explain!

    i think waiting for godot play is existentialist becuase eventhough godot doesnt show up they keep waiting and look for him. also  a boy that godot send to tell them   he coming tomorro and never come they ask the boy how is mr godot how hi look like so they can see if thet find then. but they never give up.

    2nd December 2010


    Outcome 11 – 13: Write a letter from Godot to Estragon and Vladimir. He should describe himself and give them some advice about life.

    Dear vladimir and estrago

    im writing to tell you because i know you two had like a week waiting for me to show up,but couldn’t because i had business to take care of  but a soon as im done i will go i promise. Just give me some more time and will be right there with you to help you guys out and give you what  you need to get out of the life ya are living  . take care godot.

    2nd December 2010


    . Outcome 10! How is “Waiting for Godot” similar to life in the Bronx? Life for recent immigrants?

    its similar to recent immigrant because people come to united state to had a better future and some end up like estragon and vladimir they are from a play waiting for godot and they live in streets like homeless people and dont have were to go or what to do with they life.